Bring the ocean home!

Remembering that patience is key to keeping a successful marine tank goes a long way Have fun in this wonderful hobby and from all of us at Keith's Coral Reefs, Happy Reefing!

Our exotic livestock!

Whether you are looking for an aggressive predator fish, delicate sexy shrimp, or brilliantly colored corals we can provide you what you are looking for to make your tank the dream tank you've always wanted.

We're here to Help!

From your FOWLR (fish only with live rock) tank to sensitive a coral reef we offer a wide selection of marine livestock and products to keep your tank healthy and beautiful.

Our expert staff will help you create your dream tank

Looking for that new dream aquarium or that special shaped piece of shelf rock? Whatever your hobby needs we help deliver!

Drop in and visit our store

See the livestock, and chat Reefing with the staff. We love saltwater aquariums and truly enjoy getting to know our customers, their tanks, and their hobby needs.

Keith's Coral Reefs

We started as hobbyists first and foremost, and have been in the hobby for more than two decades. Our interest in marine aquaria has led us to start offering some frags of our personal colonies as well as aquacultured corals from our distributors in an effort to help preserve the resources of our natural coral reefs. We carry a vast array of oceanic fishes, colorful corals, and cleaning crew of invertebrates like crabs, and snails. Join our mailing list today to get up to date information and promotional deals! Click Here

Keith's Updates

Keith's Updates
Check out our latest updates and news about the store.

Coral Reef

Coral Reef
Come visit our Coral Reef page with our current and past corals
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